CCTV Enforcement

CCTV Enforcement allows you to monitor any no stopping or parking zones as well as misuse of your car park.

Eliminate Misuse of Bays

Our CCTV Enforcement allows you to eliminate the misuse of specified bays such as Disabled bays and Parent Toddler bays. Our team can ensure these bays are available for those who need them most, ensuring the customer has a satisfactory visit within your car park. We can ensure anyone using the Parent Toddler bay has a child with them and anyone using a disabled bay has a valid disabled badge.

No Stopping or parking

With our CCTV service, we can ensure your land is not being abused or misused. We can monitor your roadway, thoroughfare or car park space keeping these clear for the purpose they are meant for. This service can also be utilised around airports, events, and special occasions that require the utmost security, ensuring your facilities/events are not at risk.


Free installation

We can provide the equipment and install free of charge under or management agreement.

24/7 coverage

Our cameras work 24/7 and are monitored by our in-house team.

Reduce abusive parking

We see a reduction of 80% of parking contraventions with in Paretn toddler bays, allowing spaces to be available for genuine users

Free signage and installation

We provide all signage and install for free. All our signs and site plans have been audited before installation.