Manned Patrols

Manned Patrols gives you a Parkit patrol team to help drivers and enforce on your site.


The shear fact that there is a Parkit Warden on site acts as a visual deterrent to any parking infringement or other activity on your car park. Our Wardens can issue PCN’s to vehicles contravening the Terms and Conditions as well as helping the public with advice about the car park and local area.

All sectors

Our Wardens are also able to cover housing estates, private parking areas and more rural areas which struggle with being able to implement the latest technology. They are also able to cover the misuse of Disabled and Parent toddler bays in retail parks and supermarkets.


Free permits

We offer free permits to help manage your parking.

Free litter picking

Our wardens are more than happy to help maintain your site and will carry out litter picking duties if required.

Fully equipped Wardens

We ensure our Wardens are fully equipped before they enter any site.

Free signage and installation

We provide all signage and install for free. All our signs and site plans have been audited before installation.