About us


Parkit Management was formed in 2012 with the view of offering a new approach to car parking and all aspects that have given the industry a poor name.

Parkit operate with the aim of being a fair and ethical solution to all car parking management sectors from Pay & Display to Maximum stay car parks. We do not rely on revenue generated through enforcement on sites as we believe this gives the operator the motivation to issue PCN’s based on quantity and not quality. We believe this takes away any fair and ethical approach an operator could use when managing a site.

We believe revenue generated from a car park should be through the product (the car park) and the way it is controlled. We feel a well-managed car park will inevitably produce a higher turnover than one relying on parkers breaching terms and conditions.

We take into consideration our clients need and branding, no one wants bad publicity, we treat our clients brand with as much pride as our own. We see ourselves as an ambassador for any brand we are associated with and aim to help promote the brand through our own management style.

Matt, the founder of Parkit Management Ltd, has over 14 years experience within the industry. He started as an engineer for one of the market leaders of car parking equipment, Metric Group. He worked closely with other operators and local authorities while maintaining their equipment, this has given him an in-depth knowledge of how both the local and commercial sectors work. It has also given him the advantage of being able to identify the most reliable and relevant equipment for each individual site.

Parkit have been able to promote themselves on the back of the work by Matt and they still work with some local authorities, they even manage a number of sites for these local Councils. They also work closely with large developers, offering a solution to land that lays dormant while awaiting development as well as with landlords of existing Pay & Display car parks and maximum stay retail parks. Parkit has built such a reputation within the parking community that in the last 12 months they have taken over underperforming car parks which had been under the control of large national chains. Within 3 months, the owners saw an increase in turnover, reduction in PCN’s and increase in customer satisfaction, this is purely down to our hands-on and attention to detail approach.