Pay and Display

Pay and Display is an effective way to ensure customers follow the rules within your car park.

The Most up to date technology

Our Pay & Display meters are the most advanced on the market, sporting a 7″ Colour LCD display to minimise the risk of customer error. The machines can take coin, chip & pin or contactless payments which include apple pay. We also integrate a pay-by-phone service to enable the customer to extend parking periods without having to return to their vehicle, this can all be integrated with our ANPR system or manned patrolled services. We can also offer a solar option where mains is unavailable.

Low or no cost to client

In most cases, we can supply the Pay & Display equipment at no cost to our client, meaning the client gets the most up to date, secure and reliable system for free. Not only can the equipment be provided for free but the client can also have the advantage of access to the reporting from each terminal showing revenue, payment method and popular tariff. The client can also request monthly reports to again assist in decisions surrounding the car park and potential changes to the tariff.


Operates 24/7

Our system allows your car park to maintain an income stream 24/7, meaning there is no downtime in revenue generation

Daily statistics

Clients can gain access to data through their own portal daily. An invaluable tool to assist your decisions based on the carpark.

Free equipment and set up

Our Pay & Display services comes with many options, allowing the client to pick the best management package for them

Free signage and installation

We provide all signage and install for free. All our signs and site plans have been audited before installation.