Pay on Return

Pay on return allows the customer to park and not worry about how long to purchase parking for.

Customer friendly

Our pay-on-return services is a barrier less option but with all the benefits of a barrier system. Our Pay-on-return service works in conjunction with our ANPR cameras to ensure customers are only charged for the period they have stayed for. Vehicles park up and customers can leave the car park, upon their return, they enter their registration into one of our payment terminals and are charged for the period from when they initially entered the car park. Once they have paid, their Vehicle registration is entered to a whitelist and upon leaving the car park our ANPR camera can ensure no further action is required.

Maximum revenue

This system is utilised best in the retail sector or venues such as Cinemas, Arenas and public attractions. It allows customers the opportunity to go about their day without the worry of returning to their vehicle before the time runs out. Customers can therefore relax and take their time to enjoy their experience and this has shown to increase repeat visits. The system also helps reduce the amount of unauthorised parking within the car park while keeping customer satisfaction at a high level.


Latest technology

Our system is at the leading edge of Pay-on-return, we use the most customer friendly technology to maximise customer satisfaction.

Real-time statistics

Clients can gain access to real-time data through their own portal which includes capacity. An invaluable tool to assist your decisions based on the car park.

Free equipment and set up

Our Pay-on-return services comes with many options, allowing the client to pick the best management package for them.

Free signage and installation

We provide all signage and install for free. All our signs and site plans have been audited before installation.