Private car parks, Development Land

Parkit Management can manage your car park in its entirety, removing the headache of the day-to-day running, while ensuring your revenue is protected and advising you on possible ways to increase your profits. We go above and beyond, we can provide and install new, top of the range equipment with the latest ANPR technology which will help generate more footfall and provide real time data on your car park. We provide a full payment services which includes coins, cards, contactless, apple pay, pay-by-phone and permit while ensuring enforcement of your car park is taken care of 24/7.

We are open to manage, lease or buy your car park, we can even provide landowners with vacant land the possibility to generate an income from an otherwise dormant asset. This provides a regular revenue stream until development or sale of the land without any additional cost to the client.

Our experience and research has shown that the Private sector suffers from:

• Overstay
• Reluctance to pay
• Vandalism
• Unreliable enforcement

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User Friendly

With yours and our reputation in mind, we offer a tailored solution to meet your specific needs

Revenue Protection

We ensure a vital revenue stream is managed and maintained while looking at ways to increase profits

Fully Accredited

We are accredited with the International Parking Community (IPC) and all our sites are audited