Retail Parks, shopping centres and supermarkets

In today’s retail landscape, your car park is a significant link in the value chain, the point at which the customer experience begins and ends, a mandatory touchpoint for many shoppers. Your car park is the first point of contact setting the mood for the whole customer experience, creating loyalty and providing valuable data.

From the moment they approach your site to the moment they leave, your car park is making an impressions on the shopper. It is the first and last brand representative at the point of entry and exit. Therefore, parking should always be a positive customer experience, which is why it is so important to partner with the right parking operator and opt for the best car park management solution for your site.

Many in the retail sector suffer from unauthorised parking as they are often close to amenities such as transport links, local attractions and even high streets.

Our experience and research has shown that all organisations across the retail sector suffer from:

• Non-customers taking up valuable space
• Congestion
• Misuse of disabled and parent/toddler bays
• Loss of revenue from unauthorised vehicles

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